Saturday, December 11, 2010


Just got home from a great day in Dothan with Erin.  We met my mom at Bradley's Florist open house this morning for a little shopping first...a trip that has become a tradition for the three of us.  We actually do more visiting with Ralph and family than anything else.  If you've never been you should go.  Beautiful Christmas decorations!  I have to be really, really careful with my budget when I go.  I like everything I see!

After Bradley's Erin and I headed out to Dothan to do a little shopping on our own and kill some time.  Angela Kelley and her little girl Brynne (Miss B to those who know her!) and Debbie Driver met us there for the afternoon matinee of Disney's new Rapunzel movie Tangled. If you haven't been and you like Disney princess movies, you should really go.  Disney has come a long way since Snow White!  It was really kind of neat. All around us were mothers and daughters spending a day at the movies.  The best part, though, was the daddies there with their daughters!  It was definitely a good old-fashioned Disney princess movie but with a twist.  We had a ball and Brynne was fascinated!  We spent some time afterward in the lobby visiting and watching Brynne show us how her new Rudolph (that her daddy got her just this morning) fly!  She was so funny.  She would look up at us and say, "Rudolph flies!" then toss him into the air.  Then she was kind enough to pose in front of the movie display  long enough for her mom to get a picture of her at her first movie.  Angela and Russell are taking Brynne to Disney World over Christmas break and all indications are a good time will be had by all!

My house is a total mess from the boxes which hold our Christmas decorations through the year until we are ready for them.  Our decorations are all up and tomorrow we'll add the last touch by putting up the tree. If Erin and I hadn't had a girls' day out today it would be up already, but I think we had our priorities straight.  Tomorrow morning we're going to church to hear the cantata.  I believe it'll really begin to feel like Christmas. 

Merry Christmas, everybody!

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