Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is There a Full Moon?

Things around school are nuts!  Is there a full moon?  I can't blame the kids for being excited.  For the first time in a very long time, our basketball team made it out of the area and travel to Mobile to compete in regions.  I'm so excited for them!  Way to go, boys!  Play hard and I'll be sitting at school routing for you!  For the girls' volleyball and softball playoffs since Erin was in seventh grade, someone else has covered my classes for me so that I could go watch.  It's my turn to pay back those favors.

Play-off time (even basketball) is a really bittersweet time for me.  I hope that as the years go by it'll get easier and easier.  Softball season is getting kicked off and before long all the girls will get caught up in the excitement.  I survived volleyball play offs without too much angst; I'm not sure how I'll handle softball.  I feel so out of the loop!  With Erin in college I no longer have a personal interest in how well - or not so well - our girls' teams are doing.  I got so invested in volleyball and softball seasons over the past six years that my life is a little empty without it.  I realize what I need to do...I need to get a life!  My life.  My own personal existence outside the school or its events.  I realize what I need to do.  I just don't know how to go about it!  John got me a Nook (color!) for Christmas so I've been doing quite a bit of reading, but that isn't really a life.  I have been trying to go to the Wellness Center and exercise a little when my schedule allows.  But what do people who have a life do?  How do they spend their time?  I'd love a little feedback if anyone out there is listening or has some advice.

Erin came home this weekend and we were able to spend a little time together.  She had a pretty rough week at school and needed some down time.  Hopefully, she was able to find a little peace up there in her own space.  Maybe this week will go better for her.  Before she went back to Tuscaloosa she helped me get a Skype account set up so that I can actually see her face when we talk on the computer.  I'm so excited!  I'll let you know how that little venture works out...

All I have to do is finish this week and get through two more and it will be spring break.  I have really big plans for my break.  I'm going to clean baseboards and carpets.  I know, I know...doesn't sound like much fun for spring break, but I'll have a huge sense of accomplishment when I'm done.  Besides, Erin is going to Nebraska so I'll be here all alone during the day.  The plan is to work in the mornings then sit on the porch and read all afternoon.  Ah!  The good life!

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  1. Your Spring Break sounds about as exciting as mine. At least yours is soon. Mine will be in mid-April. My sister and I may drive to the Natchez Trace. I have always wanted to do that.
    BTW, nice blog!!!